What is FelixCloud

FelixCloud is a powerful process control and reporting platform that manages automated test equipment and data collection.

It offers a high degree of customization to suit different customer needs and industries. It is capable of supporting fully automated or semi-automated environments. Additional features are regularly added to ensure that the benefits of the platform are continuously enhanced.

Existing customers cover small and medium enterprises with less than ten employees to large organizations with thousands of employees and a global footprint.


Sales & Program Managers

  • Quantity in finished goods, work in progress or re-work
  • Sales orders shipped and tracking information
  • Which product is being built today and when will the batch be completed
  • Real-time alert to issues on the production line

Operations &

  • Actual versus plan
  • FTPY, throughput, CPK
  • Monitor critical process
  • Machine utilization
  • Labor cost and productivity
  • Re-work & scrap cost
  • Track progress against continuous improvement plans
  • Monitor and restrict the use of equipment that is out of calibration


  • Product qualification testing and validation
  • Optimize the manufacturing process to reduce cycle time and improve yields
  • Change test limits
  • Support increasing or reducing the amount of testing
  • Compare simulated versus actual performance


  • Attendance records
  • Training records
  • Measure employee training needsĀ  based on output and number of re-works generated
  • Employee incentive calculation

FelixCloud is a total business solution that allows various business functions to leverage a common data set to support effective decision making. It supports various functions such as sales, NPI, manufacturing, quality, R&D, and customer service.

The platform also has the following capabilities which provide additional value to the customer:

  • Integrations to existing CRM and ERP systems via manual or electronic data exchange
  • It is equipment agnostic and makes use of existing customer investment in tools and equipment
  • Creation of virtual instruments by combining single function machines to realize complex instruments with the data processing and customization done in software on the platform. This allows investment in lower cost machines and increases function utilization. Changes to testing requirements are therefore mainly realized with software changes. If new hardware is required then it is limited to specific instruments resulting in higher returns on investment and future proofing the solution.
  • The service is run on a cloud based platform, which means that it be deployed in multiple locations with services accessed and managed from the internet.
  • A dedicated team which includes a Project Manager and engineering resources is provided to each customer to ensure that each deployment is unique and is tailored to meet their requirements.

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