System Overview & Benefits

Cloud based
  • Hosted on secure and reliable Azure Service cloud servers. Customers always have access to the latest server hardware and don’t need to upgrade their own IT infrastructure
  • Real-time back up and redundancy due to server structure. System restore possible in the event of complete hardware failure
  • Can be deployed globally and quickly into a single or multiple customer locations
  • Customer can deploy in key supplier locations to monitor quality and output of key processes creating a ‘virtual’ factory
  • remote access to all functionality
  • Can be managed and configured from a central location
  • Can easily be scaled to meet changing business requirements
  • In most cases uses existing customer infrastructure with little additional CAPEX required


System capability and reliability

  • Core platform has been in continuous use for over 10 years
  • Demonstrated reliability and robustness
  • >99.9% uptime limited by Azure Server guarantee
  • For large manufacturing company running 24/7 operating on FelixCloud platform ( •15M serial number records held •4M serial numbers allocated annually •103K sequences run daily •2M daily operations processed )
  • Fast* store and retrieval of data means no lag in system performance (* speeds subject to quality and reliability of internet connection and internal network capacity)
  • Ongoing improvements mean that basic feature set continues to be improved so investment in solution is future proofed

Process control

  • Manage fully or semi automated manufacturing process. High levels of customization possible.
  • Extensive library of equipment that can be controlled by AT Engine
  • Deliver Manufacturing Instructions electronically according to the task being performed
  • Ensure required equipment including tools, jigs and fixtures are in calibration and being used correctly based on site definition & configuration
  • Control limits can be set and triggers activated if activity detected outside these limits
  • Control and monitor forward as well as rework process
  • Deliver Manufacturing Instructions electronically according to the task being performed
  • Support RMA management and recovery
  • Collect/capture inspection pass fail criteria and store results including weight, dimension and pictures
  • If required program information collected during manufacturing process into product

Improve productivity

  • Monitor equipment utilization and asset tracking including tools, jigs and fixtures
  • Provide information to support cost control and productivity* and monitor improvements (* when implemented and used correctly typically deployment will pay for itself within 12 months through improved efficiency, less scrap and less re-work)
  • Multi language support
  • Support operational planning
  • Common data available for use in decision making by all business functions via standard or custom dashboards and reporting tools
  • Supports multiple test environments** so product qualification testing can be implemented efficiently (** for example -40°C, +25°C & +90°C)


  • Detailed real-time reporting information of all activity being managed by FelixCloud
  • Perpetual data storage of all recorded events give full traceability including material*, build configuration, operator, pass/fail, Site ID, number of times event has been run, shift, location (*component serial number, lot, batch)
  • Allows rapid implementation of corrective and containment activity
  • Allows side by side comparisons of different simulations to be run with high confidence in the same production environment. This is key to supporting continuous improvement objectives.
  • All changes to process are recorded and can be linked to the product produced

Employee management & engagement

  • Monitor employee performance compared to peers and motivate employees to demonstrate consistency and improvement
  • Maintain training records
  • Define roles and responsibilities in system to control actions based on role and skill
  • Each employee has a unique ID which can be used for attendance monitoring
  • Data from system can be used for calculation of incentive bonus and other benefits

Reporting tools

  • Historical and real-time data available
  • Ability to drill down multiple levels to see linked detail from high level summary
  • Built in analysis tools for quick data review
  • Standard and custom reports are available to allow detailed analysis by operator, shift, process*, time of day, material batch, product family, etc (* FTPY, throughput yield and FTPY based on dependent process for both normal and rework process flows)
  • Onboard data analysis tools allows graphing of results by time and value as well as calculation of Cpk, mean, SD,  max and min test values
  • Real-time display of WIP including normal material and rework/scrap material
  • Generate plots and other technical data for engineering reports

Additional capabilities

  • Import and export data from other business tools such as ERP or PLM systems. This can be done in real time or by batch file data exchange
  • Manual or automated data entry
  • Use information to generate and print packing slips and invoices for shipments including customer purchase order numbers and quantity
  • If required automatically upload test results to customer specified location in required format and interval
  • Issue RMA numbers and collect repair information on debugged product