Cost of Ownership

At FelixCloud, our mission is to deliver an amazing customer experience and get companies to transition to our platform. Our focus has been to make implementing the solution easy and affordable for  small and large enterprises. Getting pricing right is always a challenge, especially since no two businesses or deployments are the same.

The process of providing you with a quote has been streamlined and simplified so that it is as transparent as possible. Here is some insight that will allow us to provide you with a custom quote, specific to your business want and needs.


Basic Installation

Number of machines/people

Number of installations & locations

Limited customization & Deployment

Training requirements


Charged per project

Based on the level of customization required

Annual Subscription

Online support & training

Access to upgrades and new features

Can include basic maintenance functions

Number of people/terminals, installations and locations

  • The Basic installation has many of the functionalities you will need right out of the box. With a limited level of customization, customers are typically up and running within a few weeks.
  • One of the features that makes FelixCloud compelling is the degree to which it can be Customized, including deep integrations with your existing business tools and ways of working. To ensure that the solution is affordable, we separate these customizations into projects so that customers can tailor their solution to what they need and what they are willing to spend. We manage this process by developing and implementing projects, which means that the solution can continuously evolve, and your investments are never obsolete. You pay for projects as they are delivered or over time. In other words, as you make a return on your investment, so do we.
  • We understand that deployment of this type of service is never a won and done. Your Subscription to FelixCloud means that after the initial implementation, we remain engaged, providing support to ensure that the solution exceeds your expectations. You choose how involved you want us to be, and we will support accordingly. As your needs evolve, you can change your subscription to ensure that the service you receive responds to your changing needs.


Irrespective of your requirements, size and complexity, we are confident that the scalable nature of the solution and pricing structure will mean that we can empower your business and support your productivity and growth objectives.

If you are interested then contact us. We will send you a simple questionnaire, so we can better understand your needs and get the ball rolling.