Implementation Configuration and Maintenance

FelixCloud Solutions offers a range of options when it comes to implementation, configuration and maintenance of the solution. The chosen implementation puts the customer in full control of way the solution is deployed.

Since the platform is customized and hosted we maintain an ongoing relationship with our customers. We are always present during the development, implementation and training associated with the deployment. The customer determines the level of ongoing support required to allow them to enable the full potential of the solution.

FelixCloud Solutions offers fully managed solutions or non managed solutions. In most cases the level of support evolves over time and our customer teams are set up to manage these transitions.

We know each of our customers have different requirements, expectations and capabilities. Therefore as we implement the solution we take this into consideration and have tailored implementation and maintenance to reflect this. The table below shows a typical installation and how access to the various levels of features offered by the solution are accessed via paid ad hoc development projects or annual subscription.

With the Basic Package customers have access to the standard features immediately. Training is included that should allow the customer to maintain the system without ongoing support if they choose.

Customers can further customize the solution to address their specific needs and these features are developed and implemented with full support from dedicated  project management and product development teams. These Paid Solutions are quoted upfront, developed and implemented based on mutually agreed schedules.

Ongoing support, including additional training , customer system administration and technical support are available to customers who Subscribe to the required  range of services.

The flexibility of our solution means that we can tailor a unique service offering that is right for each customer based on their technical requirements, capability, timeline and budget.

Basic Paid Subscription
Create workflows and operations
Register employees/operators and define roles & responsibilities
Register equipment, jigs and tools
Support services e.g. new equipment or integration of external services such as business tools
Online Technical & Helpdesk support
Develop new or customize existing features
Set up and configure database & reporting tools
Access to general product updates, patches and new features
System maintenance & general admin of database
Initial training and training for new features
Ongoing training and support to ensure efficient use of tool
Export data for analysis
Set up custom data queries and reporting

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